March 4th @ RiverWest Church

Join us for an incredible day of a cappella workshops by with the best a cappella musicians in Edmonton! 

A Workshop Pass will get you entrance to all the workshops except for A Cappella Recording Basics, which is held at Up In Arms Studios.

See the whole festival with a Festival Pass!


Caleb Nelson

@RiverWest Church

Not So Basic Vocals

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn more about their voice and how to control it – experience level is utterly irrelevant! Workshop attendees will learn about the fluid dynamics of their body’s vocal system. This work will strengthen their voice for both solo and ensemble work, and they will see changes in clarity of tone, breath longevity and, most importantly, give them a set of tools to use in their own musical endeavours/careers that will benefit them for a lifetime.


Bernard Quilala

@RiverWest Church

Owning the Stage: Soloist Mentality

As a performer, you may have wondered about the “it factor” that separates a talented musician from a genuine showstopper. What is “it”? How do you get “it”? When do you know that you’ve got “it”? This workshop will explore all of those questions and more. We will choose 1-2 participants to undergo the “it” discovery process and demonstrate their new found power to own the stage. Spoiler alert! This workshop is for every performer, not just soloists.


Bernard Quilala

@RiverWest Church

LUNCH/ A Cappella Short Film Screening

A screening of short films featuring acappella music


Jinting Zhao

Up In Arms Studios 12709 119 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5E 5M2

A Cappella Recording Basics
Up In Arms Studios 12709 119 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5E 5M2

You are confident in your vocal chops as a live performer – but recording? Acapella recording? A whole ‘nother ballgame! This exclusive and intimate workshop will introduce you to the art and science of vocal-group recording in the recording studio environment. 


Apocalypse Kow

@RiverWest Church

Fine-Tuning Your On-Stage Personality

This workshop by Apocalypse Kow focuses on the stage presence of performers, both during and in between songs. Attendees will learn how to connect with their audience and keep them engaged. The workshop covers topics such as authenticity on stage, character development, and keeping shows fresh.


Gloria Wan

@RiverWest Church

From the Beatginning: Beatboxing Basics for Vocal Ensembles

Join our “From the Beatginning” workshop and take your choir’s percussion game to the next level. Learn the basics of beatboxing, including sound effects, playing percussion instruments, and singing while beatboxing. Perfect for choral performers of all experience levels, this workshop is a hands-on opportunity to hone your skills and experiment with new techniques.


Jane Berry

@RiverWest Church

Vocal Arranging for Choirs/Vocal Groups

Interested in writing your own choral arrangement or adapting an existing one for your ensemble? Learn from a seasoned choral arranger and educator at this fun and interactive workshop. You’ll explore sample arrangements, break down critical aspects of the process, and workshop ideas on the spot. Great for arrangers and educators of all levels!